The Politics of Contraband

New Orleans 1935. It’s an ugly time in the “Big Easy”, but the Crescent City just got a little less ugly as the ironically named “Handsome” Pete Doswell (retired smuggler, bootlegger, and all around ne’er-do-well) has shuffled off this mortal coil. The N.O.P.D. have ruled his death an accident, but his former business partner (a dame with legs to die for, that at least two poor bums already have) ain’t buying.
She’s worried that one, or more than one, of their former “business associates” has come back to “settle accounts”. With the police not listening, she’s been forced to turn to a local seamus. Some one willing to stick their neck out to protect her’s… For the princely sum of seven dollars a day, plus expenses.
It’s a losing proposition, but it’s one you can’t refuse.
It’s the politics of contraband, it’s the smuggler’s blues.

Deadlands Noir: The Politics of Contrband

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